1967 Chevelle SS

Engine: Original Big Block Chevy 396 (rebuilt)

Transmission: Turbo 400

Year Completed: 2017

Story: Our customer contacted us about finishing this beautiful Chevelle SS at his home shop and we jumped at the chance. It is an original SS car with the original engine and drivetrain though it has been updated with a modern interior and creature comforts. 

The drivetrain has been overhauled though there were minimal modifications. We fitted it with a modern braking system, custom wheels and tires but another paint & body shop handled the paint job. Inside, you will find custom seats and a dash. Sharp eyed observers will notice the Dakota Digital instrument cluster and we love it. We installed it and it's requisite sensors on the engine and love the simple functionality. 

After some brief break in drives, we did a 4-wheel alignment to our own specifications. Chris is mum about his specs for these muscle cars but they do drive extraordinarily well when finished. 

We love this car for its simplicity, its blend of old and new styles and how it looks fast even when it's sitting still.